Run Free

I want to be able to run free,

Across in to the sun light,

As the sun sets and turns to night,

Freedom is no one’s judgement,

We are all born free,

The roam across this great planet,

And all the wildlife to meet,

We have ourselves only to blame,

For no future and being sat in the rain,

To live where the sun is always shining,

To be happy and live in peace and Love,

That is the wish from the Gods  above.




Beauty From the Bottom Up

We are told which way to look,

Our childhoods are the only things took,

Bullying and name calling,

Our lives left free falling,

We must educate and learn lessons,

Stop people suffering from aggression,

People are beautiful in all shapes and sizes,

Even if your weight rises,

Life must be balanced and healthy,

Good food only available to the healthy,

Good behaviour must be rewarded,

These bullies must be awarded,

Teach our children to eat right,

Then those jeans won’t feel so tight,

Pass the message on to the younger generations,

Other wise it will be more visits to the nurses station.


I am Still Complete (Disability )

Don’t pity my weakness,

I brought myself back from bleakness,

Self belief to conquer all,

I guess this is just God’s call,

This is a gift to help others,

Not to gain sympathy and get smothered,

No matter well all have ability,

Live in peace with no hostility,

Getting called a liar and a cheat,

Only my weaknesses I’m trying to beat,

Mentally or physically we are all the same,

For this gift no one is to blame,

Just wished to be treated normal,

Every conversation doesn’t need to be formal,

When all this angry will cease,

We can finally live in peace.

The Social Heist

A lady takes to the floor,

All males begin to draw,

Her beauty lights the room,

Male suitors would love to be her groom,

She walks with all eyes on her,

She points out and says I want you sir,

The first dance is lit with passion and fire,

All eyes begin to admire,

All other suitors begin to retreat,

On to the next female after defeat,

This lady stole the night,

Scaring off other females with a freight,

The couple leave the floor between a parade,

Their new found love will never fade,

It all started will one look,

Only one dance was partook.young-love.jpg



From the Ground Up

Earth : “To the earth we shall all return, no one is greater than nature”.

Humanity : “If the Gods can not provide the answer, we shall become Gods.

Earth : “I harness life and let it survive and flourish. A world without nature is just another dead planet”.

Humanity : “We destroy the very place that keeps us alive, greed comes first and then nature”.

Earth : “If I die, you will die. We must live as one and we both will thrive”.

Humanity : “We must help this earth heal before it’s too late. A land without animals and trees would be a waste. A landscape without life is a eyesore, a place that serves no purpose, we are not Gods. We must preserve and protect”.shutterstock_60998623.jpg

Click bait

Click bait why do we initiate,

Draw us in with shabby headline,

Leaves us disappointed with no sign,

Social media wins this little game,

We have ourselves to blame,

Being drawn in to read this trash,

So social media can make more cash,

Free our children of all the fake news,

Just like Donald Trump’s short fuse,

We need to free ourselves from our phones,

We can only do this on our own,

Put our time to enjoying nature,

Instead of sitting on our backsides putting our health in danger,

Watching the world through a window,

Only catching the sun glow,

Turn off the Wi-Fi and get outside,

You only get one chance at life so enjoy the ride.











Earth’s Last Pioneer

In a land of the Instragram famous,

Our parents can only blame us,

Sat at home hidden away,

Hoping to see the world one day,

Our parents push us to go out,

Us the the spoilt generation pout,

Technology at our finger tips,

Would you like to go out and see this good weather a little bit?,

Sat in the dark surfing the web,

Trying to find the latest celeb,

We communicate no more,

Our grand parents look awful bore,

We won freedom for the future generations,

How children live their lives should be up for debation,

We owe it to ourselves to go outdoors,

And see nature before it withdraws,

We only have one chance at this game,

But technology  can’t be only to blame.








Saving Children’s Hunger

Born in to the hunger game,

How can children be to blame,

Caught in a political crossfire,

A life of comfort is the only desire,

These children walk miles a day,

But by the failing crops they stay,

Hunger and thirst rip through,

Hoping the world will save them with no clue,

Not a single chance at life,

Death is the only option when civil war is strife,

Maybe one day these children will grow and learn,

And a new life of riches will upturn,

These people so happy to survive,

Maybe that day of happiness will arrive.2017-07-01-12-29-32-.jpg


Midnight Dance


Embrace for the seasonal opener,the clouds part like Broadway curtains,a couple lighting the sky with passion, masculinity and feminism unite as one, he holds her waiting for the moon to rise,The stars retreat as the moon takes centre stage.

He holds her gaze while guiding her body around a spiritual ballroom, nature is the great entertainer tonight, the lake offers a icy mirror reflecting love and passion in to the night.

The first battle comes to a close,each clash of  bodies results in higher intensity between the pair,nature is the only audience tonight,they kiss as they drift in to the night.


A disease that robs us of a loved one,

A cure is needed now not just said and done,

Many brave the fight,

Families agony drawn in to the long nights,

Communities rallies around,

When our loved one is feeling downed,

They say it’s just my time,

But taking someone so young is just a crime,

Laid to rest in peace and no pain,

Cancer is the only one to blame,

Together we can find a Cure,

And help those with hearts so pure,

Together we can beat cancer.